Microstory: The Dragon

A brave warrior faces off against a dragon for the fate of a kingdom.

I like to occasionally dabble in writing flash fiction, or micro-stories. This is a video post I published on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Now that I have access to publishing videos on Substack, I’m posting it here as well for my subscribers. If you liked this, check out another microstory video: The Forests.

A lone warrior stood before a dragon. Years of fighting had led to this moment. Armies had thrown countless bodies against the raging beast, and it had slaughtered them all. No feat of strength or cunning had been able to best the brute.  Villages had burned, cities had been shaken, all at the whims of the dragon's foul mood. No weapon known had been able to pierce the serpent's hide. The brute felt nothing, cared for nothing. Its appetite was quenched by nothing. It simply wanted everything to burn.

Until finally, and quite accidentally, a few brilliant minds discovered a weakness.

One rare metal could harm their oppressor, and from it, a single suit of armor and a lone sword were forged. And so, the solitary warrior stood atop the fiery home of the dragon. As it bore down on her, she raised her sword to the sky and charged. Flames singed her body, but with a cry of triumph, she leapt into the snarling mouth of the creature. With her dying breath, she plunged her sword into the heart of the dragon from the inside.

And the land finally knew peace.

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Video Credits:

Mountain drone video by Stefano Rinaldo from Pexels

Castle video by Kelly L from Pexels

Blacksmith video by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Warrior video by Valiantsin Konan from Pexels

Volcano video by Martin Sanchez from Pexels