Microstory: The Forests

What if the end of the world fought back?

I like to occasionally dabble in writing flash fiction, or micro-stories. This is a video post I published on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Now that I have access to publishing videos on Substack, I’m posting it here as well for my subscribers. If you liked this, check out another microstory: The Dragon.

Some anticipated the end of the world. "When the grid goes down," they would say, "everyone will wish they'd learned how to make fires and hunt game." Haughtily, they assumed they would be the new leaders of society when technology failed us. They prepared themselves to live off the land in the wilderness. For years, these wary souls bought supplies and learned skills to survive in the wild. They saw the rapid advance of the digital age as unsustainable, and who could blame them? Social media companies sold private data, leaving people crippling anxiety and fear-mongering in return. Technology was used as a weapon, against the mind as much as against flesh and bone.

These would-be heroes expected the day to come when it all would collapse, driving society from the cities and into the forests and fields. And come that day did. Cities burned, society collapsed, and the age of batteries and microprocessors came to a close.

But no one suspected it would be the forests themselves that would turn on us. The trees, awaking from eons of slumber, took vengeance on humanity for its disregard for the planet. We fled into their lands for shelter. And they ended us all.

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The Nymphaeum Part I and II

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