Short Stories

A collection of largely-unconnected short stories, new and old. Free and available to everyone.

On a far-off dystopian world, a bounty hunter begins to suspect he's living another life in his dreams.
The first of an ongoing series of short stories set in a world filled with anthropomorphic animals. In Winter Hearth, a kindly rabbit who runs an inn…
The conclusion. Harold mounts a rescue in the dark. Part of an ongoing series of stories of anthropomorphic animals.
A cat comes home nearly every morning with cuts and scratches all over. This is what he is really getting up to outside.
An agent for a clandestine government organization that deals with the paranormal faces his greatest challenge.
A decades-long feud comes to an end, although neither man knows what started their animosity to begin with.
A girl awakes alone in a frozen forest with no memories.
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